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Ask Capt. Becker

Ask me anything   Submit   Hello, I'm H. James Becker... I worked in special ops but I bet you're all here to know more about working at the ARC. Well there's not much I can tell you but I will keep you up to date on the things I can. Feel free to ask me questions and I'll answer the ones I can. You can also E-mail me if you would rather. it's

Right, well- now that I’ve got the followers I’ve wanted- I can dedicate this to showing everyone the most recent anomalies and creatures which have gone loose from them. Do be aware that you should never go out hunting these on your own, I won’t be there to protect you all the time. If you ever know of any creature sightings which may be from old anomalies, please let me know and I’ll look into it. I’ll travel anywhere on the main UK to look into these things.

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Did you enjoy all that? Cause I did…. there’s your bomb- now I’ll go back to the norm….

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Chill, we’re almost through the bomb of posts.

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For the Jecker and Bess fans out there.

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A few more doodles I found

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Me with some girls—- but only one really matters. <3 Happy V-day

*note* You may recognize the second picture as Sarah….

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